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Very full white lace flowers on bushy plants with lots of branching! These plants are easy to grow, and drought tolerant. Sometimes they are confused with Queen's Anne's Lace, though these flowers are much more full, and the plants full and not wiry. A beautiful addition to the perennial garden!

Type: Hardy perennial

Zones: 2-11

Location: Sun or part sun

Height: 120cm, 4'

Seeds per pack: 10

Germination: Ideally, these seeds are planted outdoors, in the location that they are to be grown. Lightly rake the soil until it is broken-up and 'fluffy', and then scatter the seeds on the soil. Water the seeds in. Be sure that the soil is consistently moist while they germinate and while they are tiny. After they mature they are tolerant of dry soil. These seeds can be started in spring, summer, or early fall if you live in a warm climate. In cooler climates, plant these seeds outdoors in spring, or start early indoors.

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