IDAHO BLUE EYED GRASS Sisyrinchium idahoense 'Moody Blues'

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Sisyrinchium idahoense, the Idaho blue-eyed grass, is a perennial that is native to western North America. It is not a true grass, but is instead in the family Iridaceae.

Sisyrinchium idahoense is found in generally moist grassy areas and open woodlands, and by stream banks. It grows 6–18 in tall with narrow grass-like leaves. The flower is usually a deep bluish purple to blue-violet, or pale blue, rarely white, and yellow-throated.

Type: Perennial

Height: 6-18"

Location: Sun or part shade

Hardiness zones: 4-10

Seeds per pack: 10

Germination: Rapidly germinating, keep seed in constant light moisture with temperatures of about 20°C (68°F). Do not cover the seeds, but tightly press into the earth. Keep in cooler conditions after germination occurs.

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