BLUE LATAN PALM Latania Loddigesii, 3 Very Rare Seeds!

BLUE LATAN PALM Latania loddigesii

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A single-trunked palm growing 20 to 35 feet tall with a 15-foot spread, with large thick and stiff leaves, up to eight feet in diameter! The surface of each leaf is covered with a whitish, waxy or wooly down, providing a silvery appearance to the palm. This Palm makes a striking specimen planting and is well-suited to seaside locations due to its moderate salt-tolerance.

These seeds are very rare!

Seeds per pack: 2

Additional postage: As these seeds are larger than most, there is a postage surcharge added to the order. Also, these seeds do not qualify for free shipping if we are running a special offer. Rates for your area can be found in your cart.

Germination: Soaking time 48 hours. Mix 50/50 peat/sand. Incubation temperature 26°C (79F). Time to germinate: several weeks or months, seeds germinate at various times.

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