BUTTERWORT Pinguicula moctezumae

Pinguicula moctezumae

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Pinguicula moctezumae is a carnivorous plant of the genus Pinguicula. The dark pink-colored flower is about 30 to 35 mm in diameter and has a long typical flower spur section. The carnivorous "summer" leaves form a leaf rosette with up to 15 leaves. The lancet-shaped leaves grow up to 10 cm long and 1 cm wide. Pinguicula moctezumae holds only a short, or no, hibernation.

Pinguicula moctezumae - as the name suggests - is found in the canyon of the Río Moctezuma , the boundaries of the Mexican states of Hidalgo and Queretaro forms. It grows on damp limestone rocks.

Hardiness zones: 10-11, or grow indoors

Type: Tender perennial, do not freeze

Note: These seeds are extremely tiny! It's just how they naturally are. Reading glasses are recommended to aid with seeing them, even for those who don't normally require glasses to read. The seeds are shipped in either a wax envelope, or folder within a small paper. Open carefully, and sprinkle onto the growing medium. Do not bury the seeds. Germination information is below.

Availability: These seeds are available for a very limited time. If these seeds are showing out of stock, we strongly recommend joining our wait list, as these seeds have a very shorty viability window (so we don't offer them for very long) and this helps ensure you get the freshest seeds possible! If they are available, they will only be available for a short time.

Seeds per pack: 5

Germination: Use a mix of 30% peat moss, and 70% sand or perlite. As with many perennial seeds, these seeds benefit from a period of moist cold to help them begin to grow. This is done by giving them a cold 'winter' period (artificial or natural), and then a warming to simulate 'spring', and time to grow! Here's how this can be done:

Place on the surface of your growing medium, and water, do not bury them. Then place them in a refrigerator for 5-6 weeks. Once the cold period is completed, place the container back at room temperature for them to germinate. Be sure to keep the soil moist during this entire germination period. Seedlings will sprout several weeks, or occasionally several months, after the warming period. They require some patience, but are well worth the effort!

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