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• This is a live plant pre-order, for delivery in spring 2023. Plant delivery information


Stunning huge leaves with deep-dark-red patterns and stripes on the foliage! Musa zebrina is robust plant, growing to about 4 m tall with a bright-green foliage that is streaked with deep red coloration! An invaluable ornamental plant. Though this plant is tropical, we use it liberally in planters around our home in the summer, as the foliage is unbeatable, and provides a lush, tropical look to the gardens. Plant bold red annuals below the Banana, for a colorful display. Plants can be started from seed each season, though we prefer to bring the plants in and place them in a sunny window for the winter. Leaves can be cut back to reduce the size of the plant in winter, as the plants quickly regrow next season.

Type: Tropical, patio or houseplant

Height: Up to 4 meters in tropical locations, or use as an ornamental patio or houseplant. It will grow to the size of the pot that you provide.

Hardiness zones: 9-11 outdoors, or grow indoors.

Plant size: First year plant. Will grow 4-6' the first year is given ample moisture and nutrients.

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