CLIVIA GARDENII Miniata, Natal Kaffir Lily, Rare

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Clivia gardenii is a large and unique clivia rarely offered! The stem produces long, arching, strap-like leaves growing to about 75 cm (30 in) long. The orange-red showy flowers are funnel-shaped, up to 20 per stem, sometimes with a faint, but very sweet perfume.

It is sometimes known in cultivation as "Kaffir lily" (a term considered offensive in South Africa).

It contains small amounts of lycorine, making it poisonous.

Clivia gardenii is normally cultivated as a houseplant. In warmer sites, it can grow outdoors and is used in landscapes for its attractive evergreen foliage and showy flowers. This clump-forming plant spreads via rhizomes and is particularly suited for shady areas.

This listing is for one seed, which looks like a tiny bulb (they are classified as seeds). Please see images. Many of these seeds are sprouting already, and are ready to go into your soil mix!!!

Germination: These magnificent plants are easy to germinate! Place the bulbs about half way into a tropical plant mix. Keep moist, but never saturated with water. Place in a warm location out of direct sun.

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