DELUXE BONSAI KIT! Everything You Need To Grow Your Own Bonsai Trees!

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DELUXE BONSAI KIT - Everything You Need!

A complete kit for beginning bonsai, and makes a perfect gift!


• Bonsai seeds (your choice of seeds!)
• Seed starter pots (3)
• Bonsai tree pots (3)
• Bonsai tree pot trays (3)
• Bonsai snips
• Bamboo plant tags (3)
• Standard plant tags (3)
• Black bonsai wire for training your bonsai
• Full-color bonsai booklet with easy to follow instructions and information!
• Strong storage box to keep your bonsai supplies, and it ships without crushing!


There are several seed packs to choose from! Use the dropdown to select your seeds.

A - Evergreen tree kit: Lebanon Cedar, Mugo Pine, Red Lobbii Cedar
B - Evergreen tree kit: Blue Spruce, Deodare Cedar, Mugo Pine
C - Blooming tree kit: Camelia, Cotoneaster, Hawthorn
D - Deciduous tree kit: Japanese Red Maple, Larch, Hornbeam
E - Deciduous tree kit: Fig/Ficus, Sweet Gum, Bald Cypress

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