DOUBLE POPPY Papaver somniferum

DOUBLE POPPY Papaver somniferum

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These large poppy flowers are covered in petals! Balls red, pink and salmon color are easy to grow, and stand out in the garden. Grey/blue leaves are an added bonus. Spread seeds in fall in the garden and lightly rake in (even if you are in a cold zone), or wait until early spring. Plants will self seed to return each year if you let the plants 'go to seed' (don't remove old flowers). We are able to offer a generous 200 seeds this year! This is a mix of seeds for salmon, pink and red flowers.

Type: Self-seeding annual

Height: 30-36"

Location: Sun

Bloom time: Summer

Seed size: Small, seeds vary slightly in size

Seeds per pack: 50

Note: This plant species is known to have toxicity

Germination: These seeds do best when planted in the location that they are to grow. Clear and rake a section of ground. Sprinkle the seeds on the surface of the soil, and water in. Keep moist until germination, which can take about 1-2 weeks.

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