DWARF SUNFLOWER, Only 18" Tall! Mini Sunspot Small Tiny Little, 10 Seeds


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Probably one of the best sunflowers for growing in pots, this dwarf sunflower has large sunny-yellow blooms, held by sturdy thick and strong stems, and grows to only 18" (45 cm) tall!

Note: CANADA AND USA ORDERS ONLY for these seeds. We are sorry these seeds cannot to be shipped outside of North America. We will not be able to obtain certification, and shipping these seeds without a certificate could result in fines (for you the importer/buyer). Please do not order these seeds if you are outside of North America. Any orders for these seeds will result in the seeds being refunded, minus a $5.00 processing fee. Thank you for your understanding.

Germination: Sunflowers are extremely easy to germinate. Plant about 1/2" deep, and keep the soil moist until germination. Plants should be grown in a sunny location.

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