Genlisea Glandulosissima Carnivorous Corkscrew, 5 Seeds

CARNIVOROUS CORKSCREW Genlisea glandulosissima

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Germination: Genlisea usually aren't very picky about soil. In the wild, species can be found in pure sand, peaty sand, laterite soils, and guk. Water levels are usually near or even a little above the soil surface. In captivity they grow well in pure sphagnum moss as well as the standard 1:1 peat:sand. They can be grown in pots sitting in a small amount of water like Drosera but can also be grown in containers without drainage. Like other carnivorous plants, they do require pure water and can be killed by fertilizer in the soil. Sow seeds of Genlisea on the surface of your medium of choice. The medium should be wet to very wet. The seedlings may be a little slow growing at first and patience is needed.

Seeds per pack: 5

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