GIANT AMARYLLIS Red & White Vittata Christmas Flower

GIANT AMARYLLIS Red & White Vittata Christmas Flower

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A perfect centerpiece for your Christmas table, or mantle, and a favorite teacher gift for the holidays! Amarylla plants produce multiple HUGE red blooms, that are eye-catching, and usually the talk of the event whenever we have them. After blooming, you can keep the large bulb for another season! Amarylla are excellent house plants, and can be planted outdoors during the warmer months, in a sunny location. They are not frost hardy.

Seeds per pack: 3

Germination: Place the seeds just under the surface of a sterile seed-start mix, and water well. Keep at room temperature, or slightly above, and keep moist. Seeds take 3-8 weeks to germinate. A little patience and they will be growing in no time!

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