HELLEBORUS 'Spanish Flare' Christmas Rose • Young Plant

HELLEBORUS 'Spanish Flare' Christmas Rose • Young Plant

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These are all new varieties that are rare and hard to find, including doubles, blacks, reds, and other stunning colours! They are second year plants grown in 3" pots, with a full pot of roots and ready to burst with growth in your garden! They are generally grown in part shade, though in northern areas they are quite happy and do well in full sun. A rare offer, we are shipping them to Canadian addresses.

'Spanish Flare' bears 3", single light yellow flowers with maroon red flares concentrated around the center. A novel color pattern for Lenten Rose. The stems are strong and upright allowing great view of the flowers, and the plant is a vigorous grower! The foliage is evergreen, meaning it will remain green through winter.

Helleborus plants begin to bloom in early spring, as the snow is melting away. 

A large plant label with image is included with each plant ordered, which makes it ideal for gift-giving, or for clear labelling in your garden!

Type: Perennial, evergreen foliage

Height: 18-24"

Location: Part shade or full shade

Hardiness zones: 3-9

Size: Second year plant in a 3" square pot

Note: Ornamental use only. Many plants have poisonous parts, these included. These seeds and/or plants are poisonous.

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