JAPANESE QUINCE Chaemoneles Japonica Pretty Flowering Shrub!! Bonsai 5 Seeds

JAPANESE QUINCE Chaemoneles japonica

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This shrub is our all-time favorite for our cold climate due to it's breathtaking, colorful blooms! The species have become popular ornamental shrubs in parts of Europe and North America, grown in gardens both for their bright flowers and as a spiny barrier. They are also suitable for cultivation as a bonsai.

Type: Hardy shrub

Height: Up to 2 meters, 6.5 feet

Location: Sun or part sun

Hardiness zones: 4-9

Seeds per pack: 5

Germination: As with many hardy shrub seeds, these seeds benefit from a period of moist cold to help them grow. This is done by giving them a cold 'winter' period (artificial or natural), and then a warming to simulate 'spring', and time to grow! Here's how this can be done:

First, soak seeds for 12-24 hours. Obtain a planting container that has holes in the bottom for excess water to drain. Place the seeds just under the surface of your growing medium, and water. Place your container in a cold area (but not freezing, perhaps a refrigerator) for 6-8 weeks. Once the cold period is completed, place the container 24C/75F for them to germinate. Be sure to keep the soil moist during this entire germination period. Seedlings will sprout a few weeks, or occasionally several months, after the warming period. They can take some patience, but are well worth the wait.

If you are planting your seeds in late winter or spring, these seeds can be planted outdoors while it is still cool out (once the ground is workable and unfrozen), to receive the cold period naturally in the garden. They should have 2-4 months of cold, and then will germinate several weeks after the weather warms.

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