LEAD PLANT Amorpha Canescens, Very DROUGHT Tolerant! Hardy Perennial 30 Seeds

LEAD PLANT Amorpha canescens

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Growing up to 3 feet tall, Lead Plant is covered in masses of spike-like purple flowers, forming large impressive clumps. Lead Plant is becoming an extremely popular plant for perennial gardens, especially in dry areas. Besides it's stunning appearance, Lead Plant is known for it's extreme tolerance of drought, and it's ability to withstand fires! Foliage is very fine and attractive.

Height: 36", 3 feet, 90cm

Location: Sun

Type: Hardy perennial

Hardiness zones: 3-8

Note: Poisonous. ornamental use only.

Seeds per pack: 30

Germination: Place the seeds on the surface of the growing mix. Mix inoculum in a half cup of water, and use all of the water to water the seeds. Cover the seeds with a very thin layer of soil, as to just bury the seeds, then lightly moisten top soil with a spritz bottle (plain water), as to not disturb the seeds below. Place the container in the fridge for 4-6 weeks, and then bring them to room temperature to germinate. Water when needed, to keep the soil consistently moist. Once big enough to handle, and grow in a sunny location.

These seeds can also be planted in the location that they are to be grown, best during the wet season. Rake the soil, and sprinkle seeds. Water them in, and make sure to keep the location consistently moist until the plants begin to grow. Once established they are drought tolerant.

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