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 This is a live plant pre-order, for delivery in spring 2023.

Mangave 'Desert Dragon'

The more you look at this plant, the more you may expect it to come to life with its wide, twisty leaves. A ground-hugging succulent, the wiggly leaves are minty green and overlayed with dark purple spots. The perfect choice for the landscape or a low, wide container.

Mangave is a relatively new phenomenon, an intergeneric cross of Manfreda x Agave. These rare hybrids combine the best of both worlds: the better growth rate and the interesting patterns of Manfreda, and the habit and refinement of Agave.

Height: 8"

Spread: 24"

Hardiness zones: 9-11. Generally grown indoors as a houseplant, or as a summer outdoor patio plant.

Location: Full sun > 6 hours per day

Plant size: First year plants

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