GARDEN THYME Thymus vulgaris

GARDEN THYME Thymus vulgaris

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Thymus vulgaris (common thyme, German thyme, garden thyme or just thyme) is a species of flowering plant in the mint family Lamiaceae, native to southern Europe from the western Mediterranean to southern Italy. Growing to 15–30 cm (6–12 in) tall by 40 cm (16 in) wide, it is a bushy, woody-based evergreen subshrub with small, highly aromatic, grey-green leaves and clusters of purple or pink flowers in early summer. It is useful in the garden as groundcover. Numerous cultivars and hybrids have been developed for ornamental purposes.

Type: Perennial

Hardiness zones: 5-9

Location: Sun or part sun

Seed size: Small

Seeds per pack: 20

Germination: Obtain a pot with holes in the bottom, and a tray to catch the water. Place seeds on the surface of the soil, and water in. Keep moist until established. Watering should be done from the bottom tray, as to not disturb the seeds, or the new seedlings.

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