PITCHER PLANT Nepenthes Macfarlanei Carnivorous, Rare 5 Seeds

PITCHER PLANT Nepenthes macfarlanei

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Nepenthes macfarlanei is a carnivorous pitcher plant species endemic to Peninsular Malaysia. It produces attractive red-speckled pitchers. Lower pitchers are ovoid to cylindrical and up to 20 cm high. The lower surface of the lid is densely covered with short, white hairs.

Seeds per pack: 5

Germination: These seeds germinate best on dampened sphagnum moss. Soak the moss for 1 hour, then gently squeeze out excess water, but allow some moisture to remain (not dripping). Place the moss in a container, and sprinkle the seeds on top. Cover the container with plastic to retain moisture. Place the container in very bright light, and in a very warm location, ideally 32C, 90F. Once the small plants begin to grow, slowly open the plastic a little each day. Use rain water or bottled water (use a spritz bottle while plants are small) to regularly water plants, but do not leave them standing on water. Once plants are large enough to transplant, a growing mix consisting of equal parts peat moss, perlite, vermiculite and sphagnum moss (long fibre type) can be used. Seeds germinate anywhere from 1 month, to 12 months. Patience is needed, but they are worth the effort for this unique plant!

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