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 This is a live plant pre-order, for delivery in spring 2023.

PITCHER PLANT Sarracenia 'Bug Bat'

A unique centerpiece for a planter on the patio, or in the garden! These hooded pitchers stand 16" tall, and have cinnamon red hoods that taper into chartreuse green at the base. White speckling adorns the back of each pitcher. 

It is a vigorous plant that forms dense colonies. It prefers sunny wet conditions, and holds its color into the frost. The flowers are very showy, dark red and fragrant. It's cultivar is believed to be (S. alata x psittacina) x minor Okee.

Keep constantly moist. Plant in a heavy peat mix for best success (no soil). Standard potting soil and fertilizer are detrimental to the plant, as the plants do not require nutrients by soil, and rather obtain their nutrition for catching bugs in their pitchers! To simulate a bug, many growers will pot their plant into a pot that has holes in the bottom, and then fill a tray with water to about 1" deep. The plant can then wick up moisture is it needs. Keep the tray constantly wet. Easy to grow with the right conditions.

Height: 18"

Hardiness zones: 5b-9 

Location: Full sun or part sun

Plant size: Second year plants

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