Plant • RED ABYSSINIAN BANANA Musa Ensete • Live Plant Pre-Order

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• This is a live plant pre-order, for delivery in spring 2023. Plant delivery information


Very rare and hard-to-find plants! These gorgeous banana's have bright red midribs! The more sun, the redder they get! The leaves are bright green! Form a spectacular clump! It is also one of the hardiest Banana's and can live in a cool greenhouse!

Type: Tropical, patio or houseplant

Height: Up to 6 meters (20 feet) in tropical locations, or use as an ornamental patio or houseplant

Hardiness zones: 9-11 outdoors, or grow indoors.

Location: Full sun to part shade

Plant size: First year plant. Will grow 4-6' the first year is given ample moisture and nutrients.

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