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This very attractive silver leaved Sago species has only recently been discovered! It sports a beautiful crown of most stunning, silvery-white foliage, carried by short, stocky trunks. In cultivation it should grow best in subtropical/warm temperate areas and should have no problem with an occasional light freeze.

Cycas sago is extremely poisonous to animals (including humans) if ingested. Pets are at particular risk, since they seem to find the plant very palatable. If any quantity of the plant is ingested, a poison control center or doctor should be contacted immediately. Effects of ingestion can include permanent internal damage and death. All parts of the plant are toxic; however, the seeds contain the highest level of the toxin cycasin.

These seeds are extremely large, like small golf balls! EXTREMELY limited supply!

Seeds per pack: 2 Large seeds

Note: These seeds are large, and will have extra freight charges.

Germination: Soak the seed in water for 4-5 days, then remove the red skin but leave the white seed coat. The seeds should be planted horizontally with the top edge exposed above the soil surface. Most of the Cycas seeds will germinate successfully, though they often take 3-9 months to do so. Patience is always required with Cycads due to their slow growth rate.

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