TREE FERN Cyathea longipes

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A medium-sized tree fern with a spreading crown with long flat leaves, spiny petioles that are covered in a showy orange tomentum!

Species of Alsophila have a treelike growth habit, with an erect trunk that rarely branches, or sometimes a more shrub-like habit.

Alsophila is a genus of tree ferns in subgenus Cyathea of the genus Cyathea. Alsophila is now separated from the other genera in the family. The scales on the stalks (petioles) provide a distinction. Alsophila has scales with distinct margins, unlike Sphaeropteris, and with an apical hair or spine (seta), unlike Cyathea. The ornamentation of the spores also distinguishes Alsophila and Cyathea.

The seeds of this fern are actually very tiny spores. Please handle cautiously as they are very tiny!

Type: Hardy perennial

Hardiness zones: 9-11

Location: Shade or part shade

Spores per pack: 20

Germination: It is important to sterilize the soil mix with boiling water before planting. Use a pot with holes so water can drain. When cool, sow spores on the surface of the mix. Watering should be done from the base only (from a bottom tray), as watering from the surface will bury the seeds and they cannot grow. Cover the pot with clear plastic, and keep in a well lit location as light is required for germination. Do not place in direct sun. The ferns can take weeks or months to germinate.

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