CRIMSON RED CLOVER Trifolium incarnatum

CRIMSON RED CLOVER Trifolium incarnatum

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Also named Italian or French Clover, this wildflower clover is an important annual, not just for it's beautiful blooms. This clover produces nitrogen in the soil, which is a valuable fertilizer for all plants! Enjoy it's beautiful blooms for the season, and till plants under in the fall to release all of the nutritional benefits. Whatever you decide to plant in that location next year will be off to a good start, or, maybe you'll decide to plant clover again for it's beautiful blooms! This plant is often used to add nutrients to farmer's fields, and can be used in home vegetable gardens too. Plants are not invasive.

Type: Annual

Height: 18"

Location: Sun

Seeds per pack: 30

Germination: These plants are easy to grow. Sprinkle seeds outdoors on raked ground (after the danger of frost is past), water in, and keep moist until germination. If you are seeding a large area, sometimes it's good to spread seeds before a rainy period, to help keep the soil moist during the germination period. These seeds can also be started early indoors, and planted outside after the danger of frost is past.

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