WHITE LOTUS Nelumbo nucifera

WHITE LOTUS Nelumbo nucifera

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Water Lotus are one of the most cherished of the water plants, and a treasure to grow if you have space. These seeds are for the large white water lotus! They are reaching 9" across! Leaves can reach 2 feet (60cm) in diameter, and plants are 4-6 feet tall. Generally water lotus are grown at the edge of ponds, in mud, or in pots within a pond. The soil level can be above the water, or to 9" below the surface. In tropical regions plants bloom year round. Plants are hardy outdoors in zones 4-10.

Did you know? Water Lotus (botanical name nelumbo) are quite different than Water Lillies (botanical name nymphaea). Water lily plants are fully submerged plants, with the roots (and/or pot) being 1-4 feet under the water surface, and flowers and leaves are usually floating on, or just above, the surface of the water. In contrast, the Water Lotus is a bog plant, meaning that the roots are in very wet soil, or are just barely submerged in a few inches of water. Lotus flowers are held several feet above the ground level, and plants are several feet tall. The flowers are also quite different.

Water Lotus have the characteristic round disc in the center of the flower, which makes them easily distinguishable! Lotus seeds are very large, and water lily seeds are very small. We have provided these descriptions as there is often confusion between the two plants, and to help you find what YOU are looking for, to suit your needs and location!

Type: Hardy perennial water plant or bog plant

Height: 4-6 feet

Location: Sun or part sun

Hardiness zones: 4-10

Bloom time: All season in warm climates, or late spring and summer in cold climates

Seed size: Very large (12mm, half inch), smooth, dark colored, egg-shaped

Seeds per pack: 5

Germination: Scarify the hard seed coat with sand-paper, rubbing the seeds until a small amount of white begins to show. Place the seeds in water. The seeds will begin to swell over the next few days, and soon will sprout. Once the seed sprouts, plant it just under the surface of the soil, in a pot. Gently submerge the pot in water, with the water level about 1-2" above the soil level. The leaves will form over the next few weeks. Plant in larger containers as the plant grows, and plant outside when the weather permits, after the change of frost and cold weather are far gone.

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