AFRICAN DAISY MIX Dimorphotheca aurantiaca hybrid

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Similar in appearance to a short sunflower, the African Daisy, does well in similar conditions to sunflowers.  Not overly drought tolerant and will go into a dormant period if exposed to extended periods of dry conditions.  These flowers do well in bright, sunny, hot conditions.  

Type: Annual

Location: Full sun

Height: 30 cm

Note: Ornamental use only. These seeds and/or plants may be poisonous.

Seeds per pack: 30

Germination: Recommended to start these seeds indoors in a controlled environment around late April.  Sow seeds approximately 1/4" deep.  Should germinate with 2 weeks at room temperature.  Once ready for transplanting into the garden, space plants out by about 1' or 30cm.

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