About Us

Ferri Seeds is a retail mail-order store, shipping from Ontario, Canada, to Canada and the USA. We offer a huge selection of rare and hard-to-find seeds, and occasionally we offer live plants (Canada only).

I think our story began like many gardeners' stories. We had a space to plant things, and wanted to begin with seeds, rather than spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on plants.

Seeds for annual plants can quickly fill in a space, are abundantly available, and are the main product of most seed companies. BUT annuals don't last more than 1 growing season! We wanted to find hardy perennial seeds, to know that our efforts would survive the winters, and return reliably each season!

The first problem was finding any kind of 'selection' of perennial seeds. Other than Yarrow and Lupin, we wondered how we were going to find anything!

Another problem was finding TRUE-TO-VARIETY seeds! Our attempt at buying online produced some unfortunate results, with seeds that weren't even close to the variety that we ordered! Maybe the seller figured they'd be long gone by the time we grew them and figured out that they were the wrong plant?! 

First we found Daylilies, which is actually how our business began! For several years we focused on breeding our own unique flowers! They not only filled our bare spots with easy-to-grow and gorgeous plants, we offered the seeds for sale, and they sold out regularly!

Following on that success, we decided to expand our seed offerings to some of the more rare plants that we had collected. They are our top sellers, even to this day!

We slowly incorporated seeds from reputable growers around the world, and now offer over 1200 different varieties of seeds, consisting largely of hardy perennials, with other rare annuals, tropical, vegetables and fruit, shrubs & tress, and carnivorous plant seeds!

We now ship to all of Canada and the USA! We have learned to navigate the complex USA border requirements, seed restrictions, import regulations, inspections, postal processes, and we can basically jump through hoops, so that we can get your seeds safely to you! Over the years we have earned our customers TRUST!

Trust is something that is dear to us, and is essential to any relationship, including our relationship with you!

We hope that you love what we have to offer at Ferri Seeds! We encourage you to join our email list at the bottom of this page, for special offers, or follow us on Facebook!

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