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We receive quite a few questions about germination, and we are happy to help where we can! We're really happy that most gardeners are looking to do a great job looking after their seeds!

Most importantly it is important to plant your seeds right away no matter what time of year, as this is when you can expect the best seed viability. There are very few exceptions to this immediate planting rule, for example pumpkin seeds need to be planted in the garden in spring, and these seeds can be stored in a refrigerator until planting time.

Some of our seeds can be challenging to germinate (they are rare for a reason). We put detailed germination information on each listing. For many seeds, without this special care they cannot grow. This could include, but is not limited to: Germinating Seed

  • A cold treatment after planting (especially important for most cold-hardy species). Sometimes a second cold treatment is required.
  • Warm temperatures or heating mat
  • Complete darkness for a short time
  • Light required for germination
  • Soaking for a period of time
  • Manual scarification of the seeds
  • An extended period of time before germination
  • A special soil mix

Each product page has the germination information, specific to those seeds. Be sure you are comfortable with the amount of care and time that your seeds might need. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, as we are always happy to help!

The Ferri Seeds Team