Ordering Information & Conditions

Thank you for shopping with us! Please take a moment to review our ordering information and conditions. 


Orders can be placed directly on our website. Simply use the 'Add To Cart' button. The cart will combine the shipping for you (our shipping rates are flat no matter how many items you order)! When you are done shopping, you can use the cart to check out. 


We accept most methods of payment, which can be seen in the cart, or at the bottom of this page. 


We reserve the right to change prices, and remove sale and discounts on items at any time. Generally once you purchase an item, you have reserved that price, and it will be shipped despite any price changes after the purchase. We reserve the right to adjust prices if a substantial error was made in the cost of the item (example: if a plant that costs 50.00 was accidentally listed for 0.50), and if this should occur you will be contacted and offered the choice to continue with the sale at the corrected price, or to receive a refund. 


Due to the live nature of our products, we do not accept returns. We cannot resell items once they have left our cold storage and have been shipped, as we don't know the conditions that they are subject to after they leave our facility.


Following legal requirements, for all Canadian residents we are required to collect HST on all of our products and on shipping charges. USA residents are not required to pay these taxes.


We do not automatically make substitutions. Generally if an item is listed, it is in stock, and will ship. If we have accidentally sold out before stock quantities could be updated, we will either contact you to to ask if you would like a backorder, substitution, or we will process a refund.


Generally seed orders are packed and shipped each business day. We do our best to ship your seeds with great care! Depending on the size of your order, it may be shipped by regular post or parcel post. Our shipping rate is flat-rate, there is one rate for most seeds in any size order (except very large seeds such as palm), and one rate for all plants (when plants are available). Please see our Shipping Information page for more information.  


Some of our seeds can be challenging to germinate (they are rare for a reason). We put detailed germination information on each listing. For most, without this special care they cannot grow. This could include, but is not limited to:

  • a cold treatment after planting
  • warm temperatures or heating mat
  • complete darkness
  • light required for germination
  • soaking for a period of time
  • manual scarification of the seeds
  • an extended period of time before germination
  • a special soil mix

Please be sure you are comfortable with the amount of care and time that your seeds might need.


If you have just placed an order, and you have not yet received the shipment notification, it may be possible to add to your order! You can simply place the second order, and we will combine the shipments and refund the shipping on the second order.

If your order has already been processed/shipped, we are no longer able to add to the order. In this case a separate order should be placed.


We guarantee your seeds are true to variety! This is very important to us.

Seeds are living things that are subject to growing methods and conditions that we have no control over, therefore we cannot guarantee their germination or rate of growth. If you have concerns with our seed please contact us immediately so that we can help you with a solution.

We are not a source for seeds or plants meant for human or animal consumption. A huge percent of all seeds and plants are poisonous, including many of those that we sell.


We limit our warranty to the full amount of the purchase price. We are not responsible for damages arising from any breach of condition as to the variety, quality, or productiveness of any seeds, or any other goods we sell, nor be responsible for the crop. We realize mistakes can be made, but in no case shall we be liable for more than the amount actually paid for the seeds, plants, and other goods.

Our prices and sizes are subject to change without notice.

The placing of an order signifies acceptance of these terms by the purchaser.