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A unique range of tall, double-azalea flower snapdragons that create extra full and graceful flower spikes. Striking at the back of borders and when cut and used for indoor floral arrangements.

Height: 24", 60cm

Type: Generally grown as an annual. Perennial in zones 7-10.

Seeds per pack: 10

Hardiness zones: 7-10, or grown as annual in colder zones.

Location: Sun or part sun

Bloom time: All season, blooms make their way up the stems over many weeks.

Safe: Considered safe, non-toxic to children and people! This is our research, though we still suggest you confirm this yourself.

Germination: Seeds can be scattered in the location that they are to grow, or can be started indoors. To plant outdoors, rake the soil where they are to grow, and sprinkle seeds (do not bury). Water in, and keep moist until established. If planting early indoors, place seeds on the surface of the mix and do not cover the seeds. Water with a spray bottle, or from the bottom tray as to not disturb the seeds.

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