LADY'S PURSE SLIPPER 'Sunset' Calceolaria

LADY'S PURSE SLIPPER 'Sunset' Calceolaria

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These compact 'dainty' Calceolaria are ideal for pots and planters, and as houseplants! These seeds have been pelleted to aid in sowing. This mixture contains a red/yellow blend, yellow with spots, bronze, and bright scarlet. Seeds are very small, non-pelleted. Be sure not to bury them when germinating. See instructions below.

Seeds per pack: 10

Germination: These seeds are easy to grow. Your planting container should have holes in the bottom for excess water to drain. For best results, obtain a sterile seed-start mix. Place the seeds on the surface of the mix and water in. Do not bury the seeds, as they require light for germination. Germinate at 20C/68F. Seeds will germinate in approximately 3-4 weeks.

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