CERINTHE KIWI BLUE Purpurascens major

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Blue and purple flowers with blue-tinged bracts, foliage and stems!

Type: Annual up to Zone 7, or perennial in zones 7-11

Height: 70cm, 28"

Spread: 2-3'

Location: Sun

Seeds per pack: 5 Large seeds

Germination: These seeds require darkness to germinate. Place the seeds just under the surface of the soil and water in. Cover and place the container in a dark place 15-20C or 59-68F. Check within 5-7 days for germination, and check daily thereafter, as seeds can germinate from 7-20 days. Once there are signs of growth them immediately place in a sunny window for the seedlings to mature. Place outdoors after all chance of frost is passed.

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