TOWER OF JEWELS, Viper's Bugloss, Echium vulgare

TOWER OF JEWELS, Viper's Bugloss, Echium vulgare

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Echium vulgare — known as viper's bugloss — is a species of flowering plant in the borage family Boraginaceae. It is native to most of Europe, and western and central Asia and it occurs as an introduced species in north-eastern North America.

It is a biennial or monocarpic perennial plant growing to 30–80 cm (12–31 in) tall, with rough, hairy, oblanceolate leaves. The flowers start pink and turn vivid blue and are 15–20 mm (0.59–0.79 in) in a branched spike, with all the stamens protruding. The pollen is blue but the filaments of the stamens remain red, contrasting against the blue flowers. It flowers between May and September.

Echium vulgare is cultivated as an ornamental plant, and numerous cultivars have been developed.

Height: 30–80 cm (12–31 in)

Location: Sun

Hardiness zones: 3-9

Type: Hardy perennial

Seeds per pack: 20

Note: This plant species is known to have toxicity

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Germination: Obtain a container with holes for drainage. Sprinkle the seeds on the surface of a sterile seed-start mix, press flat, and water in. Do not cover the seeds, as light is required for germination. Keep lightly moist until germination, which can take 30-90 days. Patience is needed, though they are well worth the wait!

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