CUP AND SAUCER  Cathedral Bells Cobaea Scandens Purple Violet Climbing Annual 5 Large Seeds


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Cobaea is an ornamental climber. The woody stems can reach 20 ft (6 m). In late summer to early spring, the large, bell-shaped flowers are borne profusely and singly along the stems with bright green, violet, or purple in colors.

Height: 20 ft (6 m)

Location: Sun or part sun

Bloom time: All season

Hardiness zones: 9-11, treat as annual in other areas

Seeds per pack: 5

Germination: These seeds are fairly easy to germinate! Start the seeds indoors, up to 6 weeks before that last spring frost. Place seeds just below the surface of a seed-start mix. Keep warm and moist until seedlings are established. Seeds germinate in about 4 weeks, and grow quickly after germination.

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