DWARF ELEPAHANT EAR Colocasia fallax

DWARF ELEPAHANT EAR Colocasia fallax

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A unique and elegant perennial with large, arrow-shaped velvety leaves with dark stems! Forms a ground cover in moist soils, or even shallow water. It makes an excellent container specimen, or focal point in the garden!

Height: 18", 1.5'

Location: Sun or part shade

Type: Perennial, frost tender

Hardiness zones: 8-10, elsewhere dig and store tubers for the winter

Note: Ornamental use only. These seeds and plants may be poisonous.

Seeds per pack: 5

Germination: Soak seeds for 24 hours before planting on the surface of a sterile seed-start mix. Keep at between 20-25 degrees C. Seeds sometimes germinate within 4 to 6 weeks although some may take very much longer so please be patient. Plant out in the open ground in warmer countries or in a large container elsewhere.

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