SPOTTED CHRISTMAS ROSE Helleborus orientalis

SPOTTED CHRISTMAS ROSE Helleborus orientalis

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Stunning patterns and spotting on the large flowers, and are probably some of the most stunning Helleborus available!

Helleborus are widely admired perennials! Flowers are available in a wide range of colors, and foliage is dark green, shiny, and evergreen even in the coldest climates. Flowers begin to bloom as the snow is receding, and continue through spring creating a magnificent display. Helleborus can be best appreciated when planted near the front of the perennial border. We have been growing these plants for a number of years in our zone 4 gardens, and they are always a welcomed sight of elegant color!

Type: Perennial, evergreen foliage

Height: 18"

Location: Part or full

Hardiness zones: 4-9

Bloom time: Begins in early spring, as snow is melting, and continues for several weeks. Flowers often change color as they mature!

Seed size: Medium, seeds vary in size, from about 2mm to 3mm long.

Note: This plant species is known to have toxicity.

Seeds per pack: 5

We also sell live Helleborus plants through the summer and fall!

Germination: As with many perennials, these seeds require a period of moist cold to help them break dormancy. This is done by giving them a cold 'winter' period (artificial or natural), and then a warming to simulate 'spring', and time to grow! Here's how this can be done:

Obtain a planting container that has holes in the bottom for excess water to drain. Place the seeds just under the surface of your growing medium, and water. Place your container in a cold area (but not freezing, perhaps a refrigerator) for 5-6 weeks. Once the cold period is completed, place the container at room temperature for them to germinate. Be sure to keep the soil moist during this entire germination period. Helleborus seeds can take weeks or months to germinate, so patience is required. They are worth the wait, and will reward you with years of enjoyment!

Alternatively, these seeds can also be planted outdoors in fall, winter, or early spring, while temperatures are still cold (but ground is workable) to germinate naturally in spring. Be sure to mark the area where you planted them, and that the soil is consistently moist.

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