LADY SLIPPER FLOWER MIX Calceolaria herbeohybrida

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Perfect for a windowsill or any indoor location receiving bright, filtered light. Grow Calceolaria Lady Slipper outdoors as well.

This plants goes by common names Slipper Flower, Slipperwort, Lady Slipper, or Pocketbook Plant.

The blooms will start opening when the plant is just 5 inches tall, and they are the brightest and most unusual blooms you will ever find!

Whether grown indoors or out, Slipperwort Calceolaria plants should be watered well throughout the growth process and fertilized every 3 - 4 weeks. If growing indoors, water very sparingly during winter. Water at the base of the plant as water droplets can cause unsightly marks on the blooms.

Height: 20cm, 8"

Seeds per pack: 10

Germination: Sow the seeds onto the surface of a pre-moistened sterile seed-start mix. Do not bury the seeds as they require light for germination. Water from a bottom trap or mist bottle, as not to disturb the seeds.

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