HARDY PERSIMMON Diospyros virginiana

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Diospyros virginiana is a persimmon species commonly called the American persimmon, common persimmon, eastern persimmon, simmon, possumwood, possum apples, or sugar plum. It is native to the USA, and ranges from southern Connecticut to Florida, and west to Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Iowa. The tree grows wild but has been cultivated for its fruit and wood since prehistoric times by Native Americans.

In old fields, common persimmon is a low, shrubby tree, 15 ft. tall. In rich, moist soil the species becomes a large tree, up to 100 ft. tall. Bell-shaped, yellow flowers are hidden by half-grown leaves. The large, orange, edible fruit attracts wildlife. Common persimmon is deciduous, and is best-known by its sweet, orange fruit in autumn.

When ripe, the sweet fruit of Persimmon somewhat recalls the flavor of dates. Persimmons are consumed fresh and are used to make puddings, cakes, and beverages. American Indians made persimmon bread and stored the dried fruit like prunes. The genus name Diospyros, from the Greek, means "fruit of the god Zeus."

Type: Hardy tree

Hardiness zones: 4-10 

Location: Sun or shade

Seeds per pack: 3

GerminationSurface sow in a pot. Water, and place in plastic, and in the fridge for 90 days for stratification. Then bring to warmth for them to germinate. Keep continually moist.

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