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Lamium maculatum, also know as "Spotted dead-nettle" is an ornamental ground-cover perennial.  Usually grown for its foliage, it also produces red to violet coloured blossoms.  Foliage is often silver striped, though that may not appear on the leaves until the plant has produced a few true leaves (not including cotyledon leaves).  These plants prefer shady conditions.

Hardy perennial, can grow in zones 3-9.

Seeds per pack: 10

Germination: These seeds are slow germinators, the ideal method would be; surface sow the seeds, keep them out of direct sunlight and keep soil moist.  Start seeds on a heat mat for 3 weeks, maintaining temperatures around 30 C.  Once the warm period is over, place the seeds in a fridge for 3 weeks, and finally remove from the fridge and keep at room temperature until germination occurs.  Germination may take a few weeks to a couple months and seeds will likely germinate at different dates (may not germinate within a couple days, germination could be spread over a couple weeks).

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