SUNDEW Drosera Glanduligera Carnivorous Carnivore 5 Seeds

SUNDEW Drosera glanduligera

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Drosera glanduligera, the pimpernel sundew, is a rosetted carnivorous plant growing to 2.5–6 cm (1–2 in) tall and grows in most soil conditions. It produces showy orange flowers from August to November.

The trapping mechanism of this species is unique in that it combines features of both flypaper and snap traps; it has been termed a catapult-flypaper trap. Non-flying insects trigger this catapult when certain plant cells break. Then this process cannot be repeated until the plant grows new tentacles.

Drosera glanduligera can be a difficult plant to cultivate, mainly due to its stringent temperature requirements, both for germination and further growth. Plants (especially seedlings) must be fed regularly in order to maintain vigour. The plant grows well in standard carnivorous plant soil mixes.

After blooming, retain seeds to start new plants, as plants are annual.

Note: These seeds are extremely tiny! It's just how they naturally are. Reading glasses are recommended to aid with seeing them, even for those who don't normally require glasses to read. The seeds are shipped in either a wax envelope, or folder within a small paper. Open carefully, and sprinkle onto the growing medium. Do not bury the seeds. Germination information is below.

Germination: Sprinkle the tiny seeds on top of the growing medium. Do not cover them. Use a mixture of 30% sand and 70% peat moss. Cover the container with plastic to retain moisture. Place the container in very bright light at room temperature. Once the small plants begin to grow, slowly open the plastic a little each day. Use rain water or bottled water (use a spritz bottle while plants are small) to regularly water plants. Generally seeds germinate anywhere from 1 to 3 months, but some stragglers can take up to a year.

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