TRILLIUM GRANDIFLORUM Wake Robin White Native Wildflower Great Ontario 10 Seeds


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The White Trillium is an ideal plant for d and woodland gardens! Flowers are large, about 4", and perfectly white. As the flower matures, it takes on a slight pink hue! The Trillium is easy to grow, and likes d areas with regular moisture. Plants slowly form large drifts, or colonies. The Trillium has been chosen as the official Ontario Floral Emblem flower. Please see the germination information below, as Trillium seeds require a cold period before they can grow.

The leaves contain calcium oxalate crystals and crystal raphide, and should not be consumed by humans.

Type: Very hardy perennial

Height: 14"

Location: Part sun or part

Hardiness zones: 3-8

Seeds per pack: 10

Germination: Seeds should be planted outdoors in late summer or fall, so that they will benefit from the cool and fluctuating temperatures of winter. In spring they will sprout, so be sure to mark the location that you planted the seeds. Please note, these seeds cannot grow without this cold period, so patience is required, though they are well worth the wait!

If you would prefer to start your seeds indoors, they will require a pattern of warm and cold periods. Once you receive your seeds, plant them in a pot, just under the surface of the soil. Water, and place at room temperature for 1 month. The seeds will not grow yet. Then, place the container in a clear plastic bag, and label the seeds (note the seeds are poisonous if eaten). Place the pot in a refrigerator for 3 months. Then, bring the pot back to warmth (room temperature). The seeds should germinate within 3 months, though if no growth appears, the seeds can be returned to the fridge for a second cold period (3 months).

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