Turkistan BLUE TONGUE LEEK Allium karataviense

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Allium karataviense is an Asian species of onion in the Amaryllis family. It is commonly known as Turkistan onion or ornamental onion. It is an herbaceous, bulb-forming species, and produces a basal rosette of wide, arching leaves. Flowers are large, lilac to pink in color and have a mild fragrance!

This plant has been selected for the Great Plant Picks list of outstanding plants for the maritime Pacific Northwest.

Height: 25 cm, 10"

Type: Hardy perennial

Hardiness zones: 7-9. In colder zones the bulbs can be lifted for the winter.

Location: Sun

Note: Ornamental use only.  Many plants have poisonous parts, these included. Minor toxicity.

Seeds per pack: 5

Germination: Place the seeds on the surface of the soil and keep continually moist until the seeds germinate. Do not bury the seeds, as they require light to germinate. Germinate at room temperature. Seeds germinate in about 3-4 weeks. If no growth appears at this time, place the pot in a cold spot (fridge or cold room) for 6 weeks. Do not let them dry. Then bring them to warmth for germination. Some seeds may require this cold period for growth.

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