AFRICAN CYCLAMEN Cyclamen africanum

Cyclamen africanum

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Cyclamen africanum is referred to by the common name African cyclamen and is a perennial growing from a tuber. The tuber produces roots from the top, sides, and bottom, unlike Cyclamen hederifolium, which produces roots from the top and sides, but not the bottom. The leaves are boldly patterned and beautiful, and produce many flowers, making it an excellent house plant, or outdoor plant in warm locations. Both the leaves and flowers are similar to Cyclamen hederifolium, but are larger on average. Leaf and flower stalks extend straight up from the tuber; in Cyclamen hederifolium the leaf stalks extend outwards before bending up, forming an "elbow".

Note: This plant species is known to have toxicity.

Seeds per pack: 3

Germination: Soak seeds for 24 hours before planting. Your planting container should have holes in the bottom for excess water to drain. Place the seeds under the surface of your growing medium, completely covered, as light can prevent germination. Place your container in a cool room for germination (65-70F). Germination can take several weeks.

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