BLACKBERRY Rubus Allegheniensis

BLACKBERRY Rubus Allegheniensis

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Rubus allegheniensis, or common blackberry, is very common in eastern and central North America. It is also naturalized in a few locations in California and British Columbia.
Characteristics can be highly variable, typically 5 feet (150 cm) but occasionally rarely over 8 feet (240 cm) high, with single shrubs approaching 8 feet or more in breadth, although it usually forms dense thickets of many plants.

Type: Hardy shrub

Location: Full sun

Hardiness zones: 4-10

Fruit production: Summer

Seeds per pack: 20

Germination: Pour boiling water over the seeds, and let sit for 24 hours. Then sow just under the surface of the soil, and place the container in the fridge for 90 days. Be sure they stay continually moist. Then bring to warmth for germination. These seeds can also be planted outdoors in fall, for cold stratification through the winter.

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