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This rare Cardinal Flower is loaded with intense burgundy flowers! These flowers are a favorite of hummingbirds, and Swallowtail butterflies! Plants are extremely showy, and bloom for many weeks. Plant in a location with moist soil, or wet soil. Plants do not like drought.

Type: Hardy perennial

Height: 55cm

Location: Sun or part

Hardiness zones: 6-10

Bloom time: Summer

Seeds per pack: 5

Note: Ornamental use only. Many plants have poisonous parts, these included. These seeds and/or plants are poisonous.

Germination: These seeds are fairly easy to germinate. Place the seeds on the surface of the growing medium, and keep moist to wet at all times. To obtain best germination results, seeds need temperatures of +22°C (72°F) or more. Moderate, but constant humidity is very important. Seeds require light for germination, which occurs in 5-6 weeks. Once seeds emerge, plants can be placed in a sunny location.

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