ALPINE BLUE FORGET ME NOT Myosotis alpestris

FORGET ME NOT ALPINE BLUE Myosotis alpestris

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These alpine Forget Me Not produce compact plants! Do you have a tough spot, that almost nothing will grow in? Forget-Me-Not's are traditionally a shade plant, though we find here, they grown in sun or shade, and even in the driest and poor locations under our evergreen trees! They are increasingly being used as a memorial plant. #Forget-Me-Not have an amazing true-blue color! Plants begin to bloom in spring, and last for a couple of months! Allow the seeds to fall to the ground after they are done blooming, and they will self seed each year reliably.

Type: Perennial, biennial, self seeding each year reliably.

Height: 8-10"

Location: Traditionally they are a plant, though they will take a great deal of sun.

Hardiness zones: 3-9

Bloom time: Spring

Seeds per pack: 20

Germination: Forget-Me-Not seeds can be started early indoors, but it's much easier to plant them directly outdoors where they are to be grown. They can be sown onto raked ground in very early spring, or in late summer to early fall.

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