CORSICAN MINT Mentha requienii

CORSICAN MINT Mentha requienii

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An ideal Ground Cover Plant! Mentha requienii, or Corsican mint, is a herb and species of mint. It is a very low-growing species with bright green leaves and a strong minty aroma.

Corsican mint is one of the smallest members of the mint family. It produces tiny mauve flowers in July and August. Corsican mint is native to Corsica, Sardinia, France and Italy. It has become naturalised in other parts of the world.

Mentha requienii can be used in landscaping as a bedding plant, giving out a desirable mint smell when trodden on. Because it can indeed be walked upon without dying, it is sometimes used to line walkways, growing between stepping stones. Unlike most other cultivated mints, this plant stays diminutive and thrives in shady garden areas.

These seeds are multi-seed pellets! Each pellet contains 8 to 12 seeds. Each pack is for 5 pellets, totaling approximately 50 seeds.

Type: Hardy perennial

Location: or part

Hardiness zones: 6-9

Bloom time: Summer

Seed size: These seeds are multi-seed pellets! Each pellet contains 8 to 12 seeds. You will receive 5 pellets (approximately 50 seeds).

About pellets: Pelleting is a coating that is sometimes applied to small seeds, to help with handling and sowing. Once the seeds are sown and watered, the pelleting is designed to immediately disintegrate to release the seeds.

Germination: These seeds are quick to germinate! Obtain a sterile seed-start mix (available at most garden centers and hardware stores). Moisten the mix, and press down gently to firm. Place the seeds on the surface of the soil, and do not bury them. Water the seeds, and keep moist until germination.

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