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Stunning double Lisanthus in a rich deep-red, almost black! Lisanthus are often grown as annuals or houseplants, though are hardy perennials in zones 8-10. Seeds are pelleted to increase ease of planting.

About pellets: Pelleting is a coating that is sometimes applied to small seeds, to help with handling and sowing. Once the seeds are sown and watered, the pelleting is designed to immediately disintegrate to release the seeds.

Location: Sun or part

Seeds per pack: 5 large pelleted

Germination: Place fluorescent lights 1 inch above the container's cover. The seeds should receive 16 hours of light per day until the seedlings start to emerge, in about 2-3 weeks. Keep the temperature at 70 - 75 degrees. Once the seedlings start to emerge, adjust the lights so they are 2 inches above the top of the plants. Nighttime temperatures can be cooler, but not below 60 degrees.

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