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Stunning new award-winning snapdragons with fully double-butterfly flowers! The flowers last many weeks, even longer than standard snapdragon flowers. This mix includes a large range of colors including pink, red, cream, yellow and salmon. Sorry we only have one image.

Type: Perennial, often grown as an annual

Seeds per pack: 10

Hardiness zones: 7-10, or grow as annual

Height: 75 cm, 2.5 feet

Location: Sun or part sun

Germination: These seeds can be planted outdoors, in the location that they are to grow. Lightly rake the soil, and sprinkle seeds. Keep moist until germination, or plant before a rainy period. To plant indoor, obtain a planting container with holes in the bottom for excess water to drain. Obtain a sterile seed-start mix, and place the seeds on the surface of the soil. Gently press the seeds into the surface of the soil. Keep moist until established.

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