HARDY BEGONIA! Grandis Evansiana Pink Tuberous Perennial Hardy To Zone 6 Or Lower, 20 Seeds

HARDY BEGONIA! Grandis evansiana

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Begonia grandis, the hardy begonia, is a hardy perennial plant that can survive cold winters in areas as low as zone 6, and reportedly will survive winters in zone 5 with some winter protection! The flowers are numerous, pink, from late summer through fall. An added aesthetic feature is the reddish-pink stems that the plant produces, and the leaves are red underneath, and is often visible.

This begonia is tuber-forming. If living in a very cold area, the tubers can be lifted in winter, stored in slightly damp peat moss in a cool area, and replanted in spring.

As with most begonia, the plants like to be planted in a partially d location, though can tolerate moderate amounts of sun.

These seeds are rare and in limited supply.

Type: Hardy perennial outdoors, or dig-up tuber for winter and store indoors.

Hardiness zones: 6-11, possible zone 5 

Height: 30-45cm, 12-18" tall

Location: Shade or part shade

Seed size: Begonia seeds are extremely tiny (non-pelleted)! We place the seeds in a wax envelope for easier finding, though they will look like tiny dots in the envelope. Empty the contents onto the seed-start mix, and do not bury them. See germination information below.

Seeds per pack: 10

Note: These seeds and plants can be harmful if eaten. Ingestion can cause illness such as vomiting, diarrhea or breathing difficulties.

Germination: Start these seeds indoors. Place on the surface of a sterile seed mix (do not bury them as they require light to germinate), and keep moist and warm (75-80F) until germination. Place the container in a plastic bag to retain moisture until germination begins. A soil mix formulated for starting seeds is important for begonia. Seeds germinate in approximately 4 weeks.

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