LARGEST BEGONIA Up To 3 Meters Tall! Ferruginea

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Large stunning clusters of bright red flowers are displayed on this scrambling shrub which is rare in cultivation. One of the world's largest begonias, it can grow up to 3 m tall in its native haunts in the cloud and montane rainforests in Colombia and northwestern Venezuela.

This plant is listed as a half-hardy perennial. We believe it is hardy outdoors in zones 10 and up only. The plant can be brought indoors in the winter, as a stunning house plant, and will likely provide cherished blooms throughout most of the winter.

Location: Shade or part shade

Moisture: Regular to moist, does not like extended periods of drought.

Bloom time: All season

Seed size: Tiny

Note: Ornamental use only. Many plants have poisonous parts, these included. Minor toxicity.

Seeds per pack: 5

Germination: Start these seeds early indoors. Place on the surface of a sterile seed mix (do not bury them), and keep moist and warm (75-80F) until germination. Do not let the soil dry out, or it can end the germination process. A soil-mix formulated for starting seeds is important for begonia. The seeds take approximately 2-3 weeks to germinate at these temperatures. Lower temperatures can delay or prevent germination, so be sure to find a warm place in your home, or use a heating mat if you have one.

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