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This sunflower is the largest sunflower available, producing flowers up to 16' tall! Not only is this flower tall, but the actual flower is big and wide too! This plant is extremely fun for kids to watch them grow, up much taller than everyone, in a very short time during one growing season!

Height: Up to 16'

Location: Full sun

Seeds per pack: 15

Note: CANADA AND USA ORDERS ONLY for these seeds. We are sorry these seeds cannot to be shipped outside of North America. We will not be able to obtain certification, and shipping these seeds without a certificate could result in fines (for you the importer/buyer). Please do not order these seeds if you are outside of North America. Any orders for these seeds will result in the seeds being refunded, minus a $5.00 processing fee. Thank you for your understanding.

Germination: Sunflowers are extremely easy to germinate. Plant in full sun, in the location that they are to grow, after all danger of frost is past. Plant about 1/2" deep. Keep soil moist until germination. Note: Before planting, consider adding soil amendments to increase the nutrient value of your soil, and to help increase sunflower size!

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